The government accredited CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design qualification is recognised by employers and industry groups Australia wide. This qualification is part of the national vocational education and training (VET) system, competency based and based on Training Packages. There are no pre-requisites of entry into this course. We teach you from the ground up.

The course ethos

More than just software learning

We teach a mixture of what we call ‘OLD SCHOOL’ meets ‘NEW SCHOOL’ techniques that get to the core of what it means to be a real designer: an understanding of the culture of design combined with the techniques of a solid design process, from design brief to idea generation, sketching, layout, comp and finishing in the Adobe suite.

Online but Intensive

Yes intensive. We know what you need to know in order to be a designer, a smart one. So we don’t take any short cuts. Others may teach from a text book, or from a stream of videos. We don’t.

Design training designed by industry experts

We have designed our CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design course to be a comprehensive qualification in graphic design. You will cover 12 modules during the course and be issued a CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design qualification after successfully completing the course.

Portfolio plus qualification

This course is ideal for someone who wishes to obtain a qualification for their skills. Being a portfolio based industry; we feel your skills are the most important aspect to your design training. Whether you need the qualification or not is entirely a personal choice. That’s why we run the qualification and the non-qualification courses.

Why choose the qualification?

The reasons our students have cited

Our students and graduates have sited the following reasons for deciding to undertake the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design over the Intensive Foundation Course. Their reasons may help you in your decision too:

  • Further study. Some students have no immediate plans to undertake further study, yet think it wise for them to keep their options open. Courses teaching specialisations within the design sector may require a qualification in design as a pre-requisite of entry.
  • Some design employment opportunities lie within a branch of the government sector, where qualifications may be a necessity for employ.
  • Not knowing where the future may lead them, will they need that qualification in 5, 10 or even 15 years?
  • For professional development. A qualification is required by their employer.
  • Feeling more secure with a qualification
  • As we are Austudy approved, students wishing to obtain Austudy, may only do so if enrolled in the qualification.

We are happy to have a chat to you about the differences in the courses in more detail too. Contact us

Self Paced Course

Setting a schedule. Students have up to 15 months to complete the 12 modules. As the course is self-paced, you can decide how many hours a week you wish to concentrate on your study. An approximate guide is 750 hours to complete the 12 Modules.

The Course Outlines

A breakdown of these modules can be found on the Course Curriculum page of this site.

The 12 modules within the course have been holistically designed around the 15 units of competency comprised in the CUA40715 Certificate IV in Design training package.

Units of Competency

Core units of competency

Elective Units of Competency


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Getting Started

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You can enrol any day of the year. As we are online and training is self paced, there is no pressure. Enrol when you are ready to start, from anywhere in the world.

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